ANN VICKERS                                   

  Spiritual Warrior                                                                  


I am an Earth Angel. I walk in the light of Truth!

I practice as a Reiki Master, a healer who channels universal healing energy, a Quantum Touch practitioner and an Intuitive.

The tools used in my treatments are gifts which have assisted me in my healing. Knowledge of these tools came to me through the teachings of some very gifted individuals who walk the same healing path.

                 “ My job is not to awaken anyone.  My job is to awaken myself.

                    But my duty is to share what I have learned.”

Through long-distance healing, coaching and counselling sessions those tools will act as guides on our personal journey (together).

Being open has led you to desire change.

By creating a space healing energy will enter and replenish your Spirit.

You have already prepared yourself for the journey the moment you reach out. In that moment you accept that you are ready.


I look forward to meeting you! I would be humbled and honored to assist and be part of your journey.

From words given me in ceremony;

                  ‘“Now the real work begins.”